Twitter has acquired social broadcasting app Breaker

News hit the world stage on January 5, 2021 that Twitter had acquired social broadcasting app Breaker and that they were going to shut down the app on January 15, 2021. 

Users were shocked by the news, but..... If you used Breaker and loved it, it will now continue!

A statement released by Erik Berlin, CEO and founder of Breaker on their blog;


"We’re excited to share that Breaker apps and services will not be shut down on January 15th, as previously announced.


Great news for lovers of the app!

If you want to know more about the early days of Breaker, take a listen to the below episode of Apple Slice from April 28, 2018. It'll give you insight into what a Founder and CEO mindset goes through in the early days of a start up.

APPLE SLICE Bonus Bite - Social Podcast App ‘Breaker’ with CEO Erik Berlin

Finding a podcast player with the right balance of design, function and suitability for your listening habits may prove to be a tricky process. This is where Erik Berlin and crew cruise in with ‘Breaker’ - the social podcast app.

In this Bonus Bite, Simon rides the ‘Breaker’ wave as Erik (Breaker CEO) drops tech talk on the design, development and vision of this exciting social-centric podcast player. Give it a go right here.

A podcast pro with tech insight, all wrapped up in a Bonus Bite!