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LISTEN: Fool Me Twice NEW SEASON promo 'Shines bright like a diamond..'

‘Fool Me Twice’ is a podcast about diamonds. Jules and Zara were approached by a woman in Hong Kong who owns a diamond business, and had an incredibly compelling story to tell, full of twists and turns. Hearing her story, Zara became interested in diamonds themselves, and started doing some digging. This podcast follows the story of that scam, and attempts to unravel some of the shadier aspects of the diamond industry as a whole. We interview people related to the scam, a diamond miner, scam experts and individuals with their own personal diamond stories. This 8-episode true crime podcast will have you on the edge of your seat.

Auscast Network release new SLEEP BETTER podcast

Let's be honest, We all need better sleep.

That's why we have put together a podcast series that feature a heap of tools to prepare you for a better nights sleep. 

Welcome to SLEEP BETTER.

Every week more tools will be added, so make sure you subscribe and let us know which one worked for you on the review page of your favourite podcast app.

Sweet dreams YOU.

LISTEN BELOW or search 'Sleep Better' on your favourite podcast app.

For more health and wellbeing, check out our range of shows here.


STRATEGIKON gets US Army War College honorable mention

You know you've made it when you get an honourable mention in the US Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute (SSI).

STRATEGIKON, proudly distributed by the Auscast Network, is the offical podcast of SAGE International Australia (SIA), an Adelaide-based private think tank specialising in the analysis of foreign policy, international and national security issues in Australia's 'defence state' of South Australia (SA). Est. in 2008, and partners of the Swiss Centre for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich, and is the only institution of its type in SA.

So why did STRATEGIKON get an honourable mention in the US Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute (SSI)?

In Episode 90, Hermanos de Armas ‘Brothers at Arms’ -  A tale of two countries Colombia and Venezuela (below), Dr John Bruni, David Olney and Tim Whiffen were joined by Ambassador of Colombia to Australia, H.E. Alberto José Mejia Ferrero & Prof. R. Evan Ellis, US Army War College, to discuss the complications Colombia faces with the Venezuela crises. This region is of utmost significance to Australia as our interests shift from rising tensions with the Chinese Communist Party. With the Colombian embassy being closed in Venezuela and the Venezuelan refugee crisis at its peak, it is imperative for Australian's to watch with a keen eye for how assistance can be offered to strengthen important South American relations.






Guess the sound... WIN BEER!

That's right - Guess the Shifty Sound, WIN BEER (or whatever you want with the voucher).

Just listen in to the Best Team Men podcast with Jarrod Walsh, Matt Burgess, Andy Martin and Rosie Panetta to hear the sound. Then simply head over to the Best Team Men Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and comment what you think the sound is.

Get is right and BOOM a $25 Shifty Lizard Brewery voucher is allll yours.  

You know what? Listen below and take a guess....


Twitter has acquired social broadcasting app Breaker

News hit the world stage on January 5, 2021 that Twitter had acquired social broadcasting app Breaker and that they were going to shut down the app on January 15, 2021. 

Users were shocked by the news, but..... If you used Breaker and loved it, it will now continue!

A statement released by Erik Berlin, CEO and founder of Breaker on their blog;


"We’re excited to share that Breaker apps and services will not be shut down on January 15th, as previously announced.


Great news for lovers of the app!

If you want to know more about the early days of Breaker, take a listen to the below episode of Apple Slice from April 28, 2018. It'll give you insight into what a Founder and CEO mindset goes through in the early days of a start up.

APPLE SLICE Bonus Bite - Social Podcast App ‘Breaker’ with CEO Erik Berlin

Finding a podcast player with the right balance of design, function and suitability for your listening habits may prove to be a tricky process. This is where Erik Berlin and crew cruise in with ‘Breaker’ - the social podcast app.

In this Bonus Bite, Simon rides the ‘Breaker’ wave as Erik (Breaker CEO) drops tech talk on the design, development and vision of this exciting social-centric podcast player. Give it a go right here.

A podcast pro with tech insight, all wrapped up in a Bonus Bite!




Auscast Network partners with the Australian Audio Summit

The Auscast Network is proud to be a sponsoring partner for the first Australian Audio Summit is happening November 27, 2020!

International Talent Coach Craig Bruce and Award Winning Events Director and Breakfast Radio Host Kate Meade have teamed up for this ground breaking event. 

If you're making a Podcast, Social Media Content or work in the Radio Industry, this event features Australia’s best content creators sharing insights and inspiration that will help you grow your audience.

IT'S TIME TO MEET THE MAKERS - including Christian O’Connell, Bree Tomasel, Christian Hull, Ollie Wards and Sam Cavanagh.


Christian O’Connell is a husband, a dad, a dog-lover, a football fan and is pretty good at martial arts. He’s also written the best-selling children’s book series Radio Boy!

One of the most awarded radio stars in the world, Christian is best known as the host of the Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show on Absolute Radio in the UK. The youngest ever inductee into the UK’s Radio Academy Hall of Fame and winner of more Radio Academy Awards than any other person, Christian is also a successful stand-up comedian, author and TV presenter.

Christian moved from the UK to Melbourne in 2018 to launch The Christian O’Connell Show on Melbourne’s #1FM station GOLD104.3. Today, The Christian O’Connell Show is Melbourne’s #1FM Breakfast Show.


Bree Tomasel is a self proclaimed 'radio nerd', celebrating her 10th year in radio. Her career started at Nova Entertainment in Brisbane where she worked for 6 years before landing her first full time breakfast role with SCA at Hit 101.3 on the Central Coast with Daniel Gawned, where they rated in the #1 spot for 2 years. The 'Bree & Gawndy' show also went national with a rural weekend show which spanned over 40+ stations around the country. She was then poached to do the national drive show on the ZM network in New Zealand with Clinton Roberts, and has been on air there since 2018. In 2016 she began dipping her toe in the world of online and has since amassed 1 million collective followers across her social media channels and continues to grow. In 2019 she landed her first tv gig co-hosting 'Celebrity Treasure Island', which rated as one of the highest New Zealand made shows in the country for the year. She has also appeared on NZ's 'Have You Been Paying Attention', 'The Great Kiwi Bake Off', 'NZ's Bachelorette' and landed her first solo tv hosting role this year with a lock down challenge show 'You Got This'  which was filmed completely from lockdown.


Christian Hull is a comedian who has found his success making dumb videos on Facebook, YouTube & TikTok. He has over 1.5 million collective followers and over 500 million views. His career before he hit the online world was with SCA where he spent 9 years working in a variety of roles including being the Digital Producer for Dan & Maz, 2dayFM Breakfast and Carrie & Tommy. He left radio in 2019 to work for himself. He has done 3 sold out comedy tours as well as appearing on screen for 6.5 seconds alongside Sam Neil in the movie 'Ride Like A Girl'. 


Ollie Wards looks after all things music on TikTok across Australia and New Zealand, from large scale collaborations to music editorial or working with artists to grow their audience.
He brings together experience in content direction, music editorial, cross platform strategy, tech and data insights..... Plus a love of music.
Ollie works with high performing creative teams, leading from the front with 'hands on' skills and idea generation.


Sam Cavanagh is now the head of Souther Cross Austereo's Audio on Demand and was previously the executive producer on shows including Hamish & Andy.


Want tickets for this incredible event? CLICK HERE!



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