LISTEN: FEDERAL MINISTER accused of RAPE goes public, SA Gov discriminations, Michael Gudinski funeral, Paris Hilton Bachelorette party and more - Headlines by Auscast - Wednesday March 3, 2021

This is headlines by Auscast Wednesday March 3rd 2021.

VO by Andy Martin.

The FEDERAL MINISTER accused of RAPE is expected to go public TODAY and declare his innocence.

Its after NSW Police closed their investigation - citing a LACK OF admissible evidence.

The woman at the centre of the allegations took her life last year - her lawyer is urging the accused to STAND DOWN from his role in CABINET.


A new report into SOUTH AUSTRALIA's Parliament has also uncovered claims of sexual harassment and discriminations based on age, race and gender.

The South Australian Government will respond to the findings today.


The wife of the late Aussie music industry legend, MICHAEL GUDINSKI, has accepted the offer of a state funeral in VICTORIA.

The decisions was finalised this morning..a date is yet to be set.


CYCLONE NIRAN has strong winds continue to lash QUEENSLAND'S FAR NORTH COAST.

Its now a CATEGORY 2...but is expected to be listed as CATEGORY 3 later today.

At the moment - a cyclone warning is in place for residents between Innisfail and Cape Melville.

Farms around Innisfail and Cairns have been hit hard - with BANANA PLANTATIONS DESTROYED.

Some plantations have been spared - so at this stage, we're not expected to see banana price increase at the shops.


The NINE NETWORK has named MIKE SNEESBY as its new CEO - he's been running STAN.

The move follows Hugh Marks's departure.


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  • PARIS HILTON's planning a BACHELORETTE PARTY with a difference...
    She wants a joint-bash with her husband-to-be..saying she can't imagine going AN HOUR without seeing CARTER REUM.
  • ANOTHER adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife is in the works...
    It'll be a drama series starring Game of Thrones alumni ROSE LESLIE...who recently welcomed a baby boy with her hubby and fellow Game of Thrones star KIT HARRINGTON.

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