Ginger the Frog: helping young children cope with trauma

Ginger the Frog: helping young children cope with trauma

Sara Campbell Lambert is passionate about young children coping with trauma. She experienced the bush fires in Bega NSW and witnessed the effect it had on the local kids, To that end, she has organized a concert staring Ginger the Frog, who has her own issues but overcomes them with the help of others. If you would like to attend the concert go to www.gingerthefrog.com/show 

The Ancient Art of Tai Chi

Ever wondered about what Tai Chi is? Maybe you've had the thought on becoming a Tai Chi instructor?

Well, meet Fang. Fang teaches the ancient art of a Tai Chi. Her business is called "Meridian Connection", and Mark Aiston had the pleasure of observing one of her classes recently.

Fang spoke to Mark on the Mental Health Show about how she came to be a Tai Chi teacher and the benefits the practice provides.


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'A Changing Man' helping mens mental health in a pandemic

Mark Aiston recently had the pleasure of speaking with Cate Howell who's a GP, therapist, educator and author. Her latest book A Changing Man is all about men's mental health.

Cate wrote the book with her son and various teaching activities, Alex Barnard who's musician with a postgraduate degree in psychology.


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Mark Aiston: Drug & Alcohol Free for Two Years

Mark Aiston: Drug & Alcohol Free for Two Years

Drew Whenan has turned his life around and now makes a difference by interviewing others who are also on the recovery trail. Drew interviews the host of The Mental Health Show, Mark Aiston in late June 2021 on the eve of his 2 year anniversary for being drug and alcohol-free. You can see more of Drew's interview on his Youtube channel "The Recovery Project" HERE.





Meditation exercise during COVID-19

Self care is super important during the COVID-19 crisis. In lockdown or worried about the world, Janine Barelds will help you with this meditation exercise. 


Discover how blending modalities can deliver you a deeper connection to your authentic inner self and for professionals, enrich both your own and the lives of those with whom you work.

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