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NewsTue 28 Aug 2018


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The power of podcasting increases, as Kim Kardashian has started to listen to Serial, and is up for suggestions for more podcasts to listen to!

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Donald Trump could be accused of several things, and there’s a lot to keep up with in the international politics sphere. But we’re often told what his latest tweet was instead of what deals he’s making. Well, if you remember the controversy about Donald Trump’s tax return, he’s still not released that information. For context, every American president since Nixon has released a tax return for the sake of transparency. Donald Trump’s business is in question of being in collusion with Russia to interfere in the 2016 election. It sounds like a bit of a conspiracy, but this rabbit hole goes very, very, deep. With all this in mind, there’s a lot to consider, and luckily Matt Bevan from the ABC has done some of your reading for you, and compiled it into a podcast called “Russia, if you’re listening”. This podcast has a true crime feel, and it highlights the deeply intriguing history Trump has with Russia, and questions whether his love affair for Putin is in return for something. Listen here.  

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Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry has come out with new information on podcast activity, stating that “Podfade”, a phenomena of podcasts stopping production and losing momentum, has accounted for 75% of total podcasts on the Apple Podcasts Library being inactive. Considering 90% of active podcasts receive 90% of their lifetime listens within 96 hours of being posted on Apple, this is a significant figure, the podcast industry is now not as saturated as we currently think, but luckily there is still a massive back catalogue of content for all of us to enjoy. Read more here.

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John Cadogan has been noted as Australia’s foremost automotive journalist, and in a country that sells over 1 million new cars a year to a population of under 25 million people, thats significant. Watch out for an upcoming podcast special with John Cadogan, also known as autoexpert, appearing on That Wall Street Guy. The guys talk about the second biggest purchase in most people’s lives, with tips and information on beating the dealer, and picking a good mechanic. Paul Atherton and John Cadogan discuss how you make smart fiscal decisions about cars so stay tuned for the special coming out soon on That Wall Street Guy podcast.

Love to Laugh? Well Auscast Network Extra is hosting a comedy week special, a compilation of some of the funniest content from across the network, compressed in to a can of laughter that can feed a family for a week. Starting September 10th, Auscast Network Extra has the laughs.

Have you been keeping up with Channel 10’s Pilot Week? School of Hard Knock Knocks have caught up with Dave O’Neil about his latest shot at TV fame, and all that comes with being a struggling comedian. Read more or listen to School of Hard Knock Knocks here.

Fancy yourself a comedian? Well School of Hard Knock Knocks may have an experience just for you!


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