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NewsThu 27 Sep 2018


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Twitter has launched audio periscopes, where users can live broadcast a stream of audio, enabling content in any setting that doesn’t require some kind of aesthetic background. While podcasts have been around for a few years, this could be considered the first time temporal broadcasts like radio are accessible to everyone. Instagram is investing in their video, with a dedicated video platform that intends to rival Youtube, but in a portrait video format, rather than the landscape aspect ratio we are used to. With all of this investment in audio and video it will be very interesting to see what types of entertainment win out on each platform.



Love improv? Lots of comedians make podcasts where conversations take a turn for the weird and wonderful, improvising their comedy as they go. But you’ve never heard a podcast like this. A new project called Everything is Alive is a podcast based on live, unsripted interviews with inanimate objects. In a great metaphysical examination of the life of objects, there is some wonderful comedic gold in the discovery of imagined experience.


True crime podcasts have now been adopted by police forces. The Californian police force have created a true crime podcast series with intentions to spread the name of the wanted criminal and catch the fugitive wherever he may be. The six-part series telling the story of peter chadwick, has been released with photos and evidence for audiences to consume but should serve as a tool for the investigation. The Newport beach police have offered $100,000 for information leading to peter’s arrest, the police think Peter could be anywhere in the world, and want to spread his name as far and wide as possible.

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Ever wondered what a camel slap is? If you don’t know what it is already you have probably never heard those words paired before. It's a wrestling move, but if you’re not a wrestling fan, The Badcast have covered the topic at some length in their latest team up with Spe from Don’t Be Blasé. You can hear Big Al and Liam ponder the benefits of oiling up, and dancing the wrestler’s dance in the ring together. Whilst it’s not suitable for work, it’s certainly suitable for laughs.


Does the Auscast network tickle your Australian fetish? Well Great Australian pods can help you get more of what you want most, great Australian content with the accents and sense of humour you know and love. With a great recommendation system, and plenty of categories to choose from, head over to Great Australian Pods and maybe even suggest a favourite podcast for them to feature!


Don’t forget the Mental Health Show with South Australia icon, Mark Aiston has hit the Auscast network. In episode 1 train driver Daryl speaks to Mark about a traumatic event that happened while he was at work and what it's like working as a train driver from a mental health perspective.



Did you catch the ABC’s Australian story on the Yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins? While their account of Emma was telling of a genuine human interest story, there’s another account of the great wiggle’s phenomenon. The Yeah G’Day podcast, an account of all things Australian culture has critically assessed the wiggles in their latest episode, a must listen for adult children who remember the band in their heyday or those who wish to learn more about what makes Australian culture.


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