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NewsFri 21 Sep 2018

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Click here to read a Buzzfeed article on the top 10 reasons Buzzfeed is cutting their podcast division. Amid a tough digital advertising market, Buzzfeed has decided to focus on their video production, shutting down the dedicated podcast division on their content. This follows Panoply closing its content division also… They’ll still be making some podcasts, but many of your favourites that have been around since 2015 are set to podfade…

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Would you pay a fee to a service provider for organising free audio? The idea of a “Netflix for podcasts” has circulated a lot in recent years, with the death of blockbuster, the Netflix model seems to be very appealing to consumers. But if podcasts are already free, why would you pay for someone to compile them? Perhaps if you’re very passionate or very time poor this makes sense, but unfortunately with only 16% of Australians listening to podcasts on a weekly basis. Netflix of podcasts doesn’t seem to be coming any time soon.

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Rooster Teeth, a network based in gaming and video streaming, and Hello Sunshine, a production network owned by Reece Witherspoon are teaming up! In an unlikely match the two have started a female-centric podcast network called “The Beam”. Rooster Teeth has a history of supporting other ventures through their podcast sales and support division, the Roost. Keep an eye out for podcasts made by women, for women, the fastest growing sector of podcasts.


It’s phone release season, with Samsung, Huawei, Google, Apple, LG, Sony, and more releasing their new flagship phones and leaking updates all the time. But if you’re an Apple fan, and love the iPhone, then Apple Slice has you covered with episode 59, covering all the updates with phones and watches. Is it worth the upgrade this year? Listen in and find out

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Don’t be Blasé and Rock you like a hurricanrana are teaming up in a wonderful double play about wrestling. This is sure to be an entertaining match of voices, so stay tuned to Auscast network social medias for that!


The Attitude consultant, known for controversy, conspiracy and laughs, has had the tables turned, and been put under the microscope by guest Daniel Anear. The Myers Briggs test has revealed a lot about Rohan Harry, and there’s plenty of deep philosophical discussion after on the Attitude consultant volume 37.


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