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NewsFri 5 Oct 2018

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Apple has enabled their iOS podcasts on Apple Watches, meaning podcast listener can leave their phone’s behind, store their favourite podcasts on their watch as it downloads episodes overnight. This is a great method for pod addicts to stop being phone addicts and could expand the reach of podcast content further.


Academics are using podcasts to share their ideas in Australia, where thinkers are allowed complete editorial freedom that university and journal structures don’t allow. Producing podcasts has also been helpful for academics seeking grants for their research and projects. The content is made available to the public in a way peer reviewed journals are not, creating a space for universities to stay relevant to the public that has access to the vast information on the internet. There are also plenty of opportunities for educators to create courses, and learning units that can be valuable, perhaps even profitable resources for primary, secondary, and tertiary education, or even book groups.


There are plenty of podcasts out their designed to help you become smarter and wiser. Educational podcasts are a revolutionary platform. You can learn languages with Duolingo, history with Intrigue: the ratline, pop culture with Neon, pub quiz knowledge with stuff you should know, English with 6-minute vocabulary, or science with Science versus. This list goes on, but the curiosity, and hunger for knowledge must exist to begin learning what you want from the vast amounts out there.

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Sage International Australia, an independent, not-for-profit think tank, aims to learn and teach people about international security and politics. This in mind, they have a podcast called STRATEGIKON dedicated to exactly that, and it is presented by two intelligent, well-informed, and interesting people. David Olney and John Bruni discuss geopolitical issues from around the world, give historical context, and discuss possible solutions. This podcast is perhaps the best way to stay informed about global happenings.


Entale media has made progress in integrating podcasts with other media, where shoppable embeds, maps, links, and images are interlaced through the audio, making podcasts an interactive experience. Though this has been done through modules in the education system before, this is reverse engineering the process by starting with the audio message and working from there. This has incredible applications for entertainment, and marketing, but there is potential for education to take on this method as well, where our normal podcast listening habits will make use of integrated smart links and content.


The Adelaide Podcast Festival has just been announced and will be commencing on the 21st of February 2019. The Adelaide Podcast festival will be running in partnership the Adelaide Fringe and runs on the first Thursday of the Fringe festival.

Talking Tendons with Peter Malliaras is another example of educational podcasts. If you have any interest in the way our bodies work, Peter’s expertise in tendinopathy enable him to decode studies in the area, and translate the latest in tendinopathy for patients. Talking Tendons makes the theoretical, practical.


Psychosynthesis with Janine Barelds is a platform to learn, to reflect, and to relax. Janine facilitates meditation, and self-reflection in a calm way, from a practising psychotherapist. You can start your meditative and psychological education today, by listening to Janine serenade you into tranquillity.


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