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NewsTue 14 Aug 2018

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Perhaps the biggest news in the industry over the past month has been the launch of Android native Google podcasts, which is designed to serve the 80% of people who use Android OS. Perhaps the final nail in the coffin for the Apple Podcasts iOS disproportionate market share, Google's podcast app is an extensive library of podcasts from around the world. Most of your favourite podcasts (including Auscast Network content!) is already up and running through this platform. But if you're a newcomer to the industry how do you get your podcast onto this game-changing service? Well it's simple! Link your RSS feed directly into google publishing here, then sit back and have a beer.

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What you might not have heard is that Amazon's Alexa has also received a third party treatment to help solve their native podcast playing issues. "AnyPod" is a Podcasting Application that has been designed to integrate perfectly on your Amazon Alexa speaker. With Amazon in the game, you'll be able to listen to your favourite podcasts through your smart speakers (Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and now Amazon with AnyPod) whenever you like, and with ease. Check if your favourite podcasts are being hosted on AnyPod here (Auscast Network is already here!).

Amazon's "Flash Briefing" feature is a promising gateway for digital audio media on smart speakers, it enables users to compile written news spoken by Alexa and audio gathered from other platforms. If demand for this type of information delivery increases, then we should expect to see some great content made for this platform in the next year.
Did you know that the epDate is compiled into an audio brief? You can listen here.


You may have heard of the phrase "deplatforming" and it's seen a rise in public perception since Alex Jones (a sensationalist conspiracy theorist in the United States of America. Picture Bill O'Reilly talking about Lizardmen) has been taken off several channels. Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Apple and Spotify have all taken down Alex Jones' show Infowars. There has been a call to completely ban this show for some time, with extreme-left activists being vocal about Mr. Jones' controversial views. Namely he has claimed that the 9/11 and Sandy Hook tragedies were set up as a Hoax, which could be antagonising for some progressive thinkers to say the least. The concern here is that major media companies with a lot of distributive power have stopped a prominent conservative channel from communicating with their followers. This is an issue for freedom of speech and expression. More pertinent to the podcasting community, as soon as Apple podcasts deplatformed Alex Jones from their listing, it also dropped off many other podcasting apps, which are powered by the Apple Podcast Directory. Apple has a massive control of the current podcasting market, user and listeners should endeavour to use different platforms to avoid such market control. Of course everyone has their own app preferences, and Apple podcasts are convenient but there are plenty of other platforms that provide a similar user experience. Twitter has been an outlier in this controversy as a platform that has decided not to comment or act on Alex Jones' channel and content. The silver lining to this concerning cloud is that Alex Jones instantly gained more listeners due to outrage against this deplatforming movement. The H3H3 Livestream was also stopped after showing clips of Alex Jones on their Youtube platform, who have now made clear there is a complete ban on his content. There is an argument to be made that Alex Jones was glorifying violence or trying to shame Muslims, however, trying to silence this voice has only made it more popular and goes against the American ideal of freedom of speech. If you're interested in learning more, Joe Rogan talked extensively on the subject on his latest episode.


Michael bay is set to produce a new horror film for Paramount Pictures about a murdering podcast! Paramount executives recently won a bidding war for the rights to a Dutch short film, and are excited to make a franchise with their new acquisition. The premise revolves around a dangerous podcast that, when listened to, brings tragedy upon the listeners. This certainly sounds a little strange but we think that the resurgence of the importance of audio in horror films (with the likes of "The Quiet Place") may make a good basis for a truly scary film, not to mention the success of real world podcasts in the horror genre!


Have you heard of Talk Is Jericho? No?! Well you're missing out because this is one of the best podcasts coming from the American WestwoodOne Podcast Network. It's even better if you share a love for wrestling like many millions out there, as it's hosted by the Legend, Chris Jericho. Chris has best-selling books, has rocked the stage as a lead singer of his band Fozzy, and won the Pro Wrestling World Championship multiple times. With a resume like that, you just know you're going to get some quality podcasting, full of stories and antics. Rock and Wrestling stars alike, Talk Is Jericho has got it all, give it a listen here. And if you're not sure, get an Australian taster of Chris by joining Simon and Owen from Rock You Like a Hurricanrana as they talk to the man here  


Speaking of great podcasts, if wrestling isn't your thing in the ring, perhaps you'd be more interested in Sara Tang talking wrestling in the sheets with her podcast "Better in Bed". Sex positivism can be a significant force for good, especially in countries where the topic is too taboo to discuss in public and people feel repressed. Fear not, as Sara is here to open up the forums on sex, and all topics related. After training with a sexologist to be a sex coach, there are few people more knowledgeable or qualified than Sara to ask all the questions some of us never could. This podcast may not be fit for all listeners, as it contains explicit topics about sex, but if you're ready to listen to people share what's going on down there, Sara can coach you through it all here. Sara is also based in Hong Kong, which is a fairly sexually conservative society, making her the perfect candidate for a deep and meaningful tell-all with our Hong Kong correspondent Jules Hannaford from Hong Kong Confidential. Sara and Jules get into the nitty-gritty of being sex positive in a sexually repressed society in episode 49 of Hong kong Confidential.
Not enough Sex in your life? Jules has you covered with yet another sex-based episode of Hong Kong Confidential as she talks to Valentina Tudose about the other end of the spectrum in our hyper-sexualised society and the importance of education for young people especially.


Jules Hannaford has recently released a book  which tells all about her gripping story with online dating called “Fool Me Twice”.


Purchase a copy of Jules' new book here!


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