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Farming: Goats to Salvation Jane to Horse Racing

This month, our Adelaide Hills Farmcast spans topics from goats to Salvation Jane to horse racing. To...

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  • Do It For The Vine

    Do It For The Vine is a Vine review and appreciation podcast hosted by John-Paul Van Schie and Leon Huxtable.

  • Attitude Consultant

    It's all about the attitude.

    Who Is Behind 'Attitude Consultant'?

  • Wormholes

    Where will I end up tonight?
    From Music to Mental Health
    And from Waffle to Who did 9/11?
    Come on a universal journey as we leap through WORMHOLES with Justin & Ryan.

  • Booze Team Mates

    From the crew who bought you 'Best Team Mates'... Welcome to your booze testing station... 'Booze Team Mates'.

  • Hard Knock Knocks

    Learning stand-up comedy? Hitting the open mic circuit, but improving your skills way too slowly? Are you looking for that edge to improve your stand-up comedy skills to fast track your comedy career?

  • Best Team Mates

    A lighter look at the world and much more with Jarrod Walsh, Matt Burgess, Andy Martin & Rosie Panetta. 

  • ICYMI: Mickey D is one dangerous comedian.

    Mickey D, aka Mick Dwyer, was a broke 17 year old when he stepped up on stage at Raw Comedy. Since then, he's toured the world, conquering the UK, and been trained by the SAS. Mick is one dangerous comedian.

    In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast, host Steve Davis talks to Mick about how he energises a room, and how being exhausted helped him find his Liverpool voice. You'll also find out whether stand-up comedy is more challenging than training with the SAS, how to be a performer and parent, and advice for up and coming stand-up comedians.


  • Lewis Spears: The consummate professional behind the 'Spears' brand

    By dying, Prince Phillip helped sell out comedian Lewis Spears' last week of his Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) show. Morbid, yes. But also, totally on brand. And totally orchestrated. Yes, mainstream media, like the Daily Mail who called Spears a monster, was played by this true professional. 

    In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast interview, host Steve Davis delves deep into the business mind behind the 'Spears brand', finds out what it takes to build a following of over half a million subscribers, why every show finishes with debrief and not a beer, and how ultimately to succeed in stand-up comedy today, it takes a team effort.

    If you're in the comedy scene and know 'someone' who is incredible at stand-up, but just not doing very well, then this is the podcast interview they need to hear. Comedian Lewis Spears succinctly puts the 'business' into 'show business'. 


    And if you enjoy this interview, then meet the man in person at The Rubber Chicken this June 18. Comedian Lewis Spears is joined by comedians Matt O'Neill and the legendary Chris Wainhouse for the Dark Comedy Special. Tickets are on sale now, so visit

  • Wayne Deakin: Overcoming the wilful ignorance in comedy

    When you start out in comedy, you're looking for stuff that is funny. When you get good, you find stuff you want to talk about, and make that funny. So says comedian Wayne Deakin, a 20 plus year veteran of stand-up comedy who has performed in London, New York, Las Vegas, Montreal, all over Australia, AND to Aussie troops in the Middle East.

    In this School of Hard Knock Knocks podcast episode straight shooter 'Deaks' shares his philosophy on taboo topics, discusses the wilful ignorance of audiences, and shares great advice for up and comers who prefer to perform more edgy topics.

    And if you enjoy this interview with comedian Wayne Deakin, you might be interested to learn that he's our guest comedy coach at the School of Hard Knock Knocks stand-up comedy course in Melbourne this September.

    Checkout for more information and to sign up.

    And now, here's host Steve Davis, and comedian Wayne Deakin



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  • Yeah, G'day

    Yeah, G'Day! The complete guide to Australia.

  • The Badcast

    Crazy questions, tall stories and bad jokes.

  • Justin Sorre

    Stand-up Comedian | Mental Health Supporter | Legend

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Hard Knock Knocks

Learning stand-up comedy? Hitting the open mic circuit, but improving your skills way too slowly? Are you looking for that edge to improve your stand-up comedy skills to fast track your comedy career?

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