Faulty Towers - The Dining Experience



Faulty Towers The Dining Experience, welcomes you into the company of Mr and Mrs Faulty and their waiter Manuel to experience a night in their ‘fine dining’ restaurant. If you are familiar with the tv show Fawlty Towers, you will not be disappointed as the actors play their parts perfectly.

To start the evening, the guests await the show in the bar area and the show begins with Mr Faulty yelling at Manuel to serve the guests while running through the crowd. Manuel takes each instruction literally, like when he is told to “collect the glasses” he goes to the guests and takes the seeing glasses off of their faces, rather than collecting the drinking glasses from the table. We were then taken through to the restaurant, where the laughs continued while we enjoyed a 3 course meal with lots of gags along the way. This style of comedy continues through the night and the audience was very entertained by this throughout the entire show, even with some of the jokes being a little predictable.

The definite highlight is how well the actors interact with the guests and play their tense, high energy characters through the whole two hour show. I have never watched the Fawlty Towers tv program but was still able to laugh and enjoy the show as much as the rest of the audience who seemed to be very familiar with the show, although I did possibly miss a few of the catch phrases from the show that the true fans picked up on much to their delight.

Who to take?

The majority of the audience for this show was in the 50 plus age bracket and were very entertained through the entire performance. If you are a fan of the Fawlty Towers tv show you will love this performance. Fans of easy to watch, slap stick style comedy will love this Fringe act.

With the price of tickets being significantly higher than most other Fringe performances, I believe a lot of the younger audience would be more likely to see others shows. The reason for the high price of the tickets is of course, because you are served a 3 course meal in a private function environment while being a part of this show; providing a full night out with   a table of friends, rather than just a quick hour show and then grabbing some food in Gluttony or the Garden as many of the younger Fringe-goers seem to prefer.

Rating out of 5: 4 stars 

When and Where?

Venue: Balcony Restaurant at the Strathmore Hotel, North Tce Adelaide

Season: 3 Mar – 18 Mar

Duration: 120 minutes

Tickets: 84 - $104

Age Suitability: All ages – Please note, lots of arguing and yelling as part of their comedic style

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